Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spring is Here...oh wait this is late!

Yes I know, this is a lot of posts in one evening. This is what happens when you fall behind and realize, oh my gosh I have not blogged for a few months. For Lol! I love this photo because it appears that Lillie has Abby in a choke hold. Hilarious! They truly do love each other a lot!

Pianist's in the Making!

One evening after FHE the kids decided to add some music before bed time. It was beautiful and so are they.

Jared's Birthday ~ April 11, 2009

Jared had the most awesome decade birthday ever. The birthday dinner consisted of build-a-bagels and his favorite cake...oatmeal cake. His siblings were so excited for him.

Doesn't that party look like a blast? Later on they all went out to the backyard and smacked the pinata around.

Drawing to Sleep!

We are a household of artists however Abby takes it to an extreme. One moment she was actively coloring and the next she was 'out.' She is so cute!

I am so glad she was not holding markers because I am positive she would of had drawings on her forehead and in her hair. Phew!

Play Dough!

Being that play dough is against all rules to enter my home...I sent the children out into the hot sun to play. This is what happened:

They were outside playing with play dough for a few hours...thank goodness for sunblock.