Sunday, October 25, 2009

First Day of School

So I am running about a month or so behind on everything. I am not going to talk about it anymore...just stick with the facts. :) Lillie and Abby were so excited for there first day this year. This is Lillies second year of preschool and Abby's first. Lillie felt like she needed to teach Abby the ropes, even though Abby was quite comfortable with the changes in her life.

However, it appears Lillie was not ready for baby sister to go first.

Apparently Abby is very intense about how she is going to get A+++'s on all of her work!

Lillie standing proud after her first day.

Stop growing cute children...this is going too fast.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Abby's Birthday last June! Too cute to pass up!

My apologies for having all my posts out of order. I believe I have "Sometimers." Sometimes I remember to do certain posts and then I will forget when I am sitting in front of the monitor. Darn the luck!
Abby's birthday was an absolute blast...some of her cousins who were in attendance lived it up. I cannot believe Abby is already starting preschool this year...where did the time go?!
The night before Abby's birthday I completed her birthday cupcakes and pink balloons while all the children were asleep. By morning I could hear Lillie tell her sister in pure excitement, "Abby your birthday has come...look at have pink balloons and everything!"

Abby and Lillie could not resist having some cupcakes before the party. Of course they got into them before lunch time and while I was using the restroom.

She loved her strawberry princess crown...she truly believes that she is ruler of our planet! Watch out people she has got a wand with magical powers!

One of the birthday cards Abby recieved was from uncle Rob and Aunt caught Abby's attention. It is Abby's kind of humor that made us all laugh the most.

I wish for.......


Sunday, August 16, 2009 wait August!

This is what my husband and I call the "80's Chicks"! They are so cute!

I usually would not post a picture of myself anywhere but my children insisted! My hubby made my cake and the kids were beyond excited to share it with me;) Yum Yum!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spring is Here...oh wait this is late!

Yes I know, this is a lot of posts in one evening. This is what happens when you fall behind and realize, oh my gosh I have not blogged for a few months. For Lol! I love this photo because it appears that Lillie has Abby in a choke hold. Hilarious! They truly do love each other a lot!

Pianist's in the Making!

One evening after FHE the kids decided to add some music before bed time. It was beautiful and so are they.

Jared's Birthday ~ April 11, 2009

Jared had the most awesome decade birthday ever. The birthday dinner consisted of build-a-bagels and his favorite cake...oatmeal cake. His siblings were so excited for him.

Doesn't that party look like a blast? Later on they all went out to the backyard and smacked the pinata around.

Drawing to Sleep!

We are a household of artists however Abby takes it to an extreme. One moment she was actively coloring and the next she was 'out.' She is so cute!

I am so glad she was not holding markers because I am positive she would of had drawings on her forehead and in her hair. Phew!

Play Dough!

Being that play dough is against all rules to enter my home...I sent the children out into the hot sun to play. This is what happened:

They were outside playing with play dough for a few hours...thank goodness for sunblock.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Come ol' ye Irish and Wannabe's!

This year we decided to expand our horizon's and return the dinner date favor by having the Medina's over for our Irish festivities.

The dinner menu included the following:
Corned Beef (with Hot Horseradish of course)
Baby Red Potatoes
Home Made Baked Bread
Jone's Soda (Green Apple that is!)
Green Grape Sparkling Cider

Oatmeal Cake (family favorite)

We ate until our stomach's could handle no more! Our Mexican friends adopted our Irish foods graciously. By the end of the meal there was barely any left overs. It was nothing but good times and a lot of laughter--pub like except without the alchohol.:)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quote of the Day!--Ye Ha!

"Unify...means to find common interests in others rather than their differences."


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sunday Best for the Youngins'!

After church a couple of Sundays ago our younger three children had a great time watching Mr. Squirrel prance around the front yard. Mr. Squirrel was to fast to have his photo taken so here are the others.

Aren't they a handsome bunch!!