Sunday, September 6, 2009

Abby's Birthday last June! Too cute to pass up!

My apologies for having all my posts out of order. I believe I have "Sometimers." Sometimes I remember to do certain posts and then I will forget when I am sitting in front of the monitor. Darn the luck!
Abby's birthday was an absolute blast...some of her cousins who were in attendance lived it up. I cannot believe Abby is already starting preschool this year...where did the time go?!
The night before Abby's birthday I completed her birthday cupcakes and pink balloons while all the children were asleep. By morning I could hear Lillie tell her sister in pure excitement, "Abby your birthday has come...look at have pink balloons and everything!"

Abby and Lillie could not resist having some cupcakes before the party. Of course they got into them before lunch time and while I was using the restroom.

She loved her strawberry princess crown...she truly believes that she is ruler of our planet! Watch out people she has got a wand with magical powers!

One of the birthday cards Abby recieved was from uncle Rob and Aunt caught Abby's attention. It is Abby's kind of humor that made us all laugh the most.

I wish for.......