Sunday, March 22, 2009

Come ol' ye Irish and Wannabe's!

This year we decided to expand our horizon's and return the dinner date favor by having the Medina's over for our Irish festivities.

The dinner menu included the following:
Corned Beef (with Hot Horseradish of course)
Baby Red Potatoes
Home Made Baked Bread
Jone's Soda (Green Apple that is!)
Green Grape Sparkling Cider

Oatmeal Cake (family favorite)

We ate until our stomach's could handle no more! Our Mexican friends adopted our Irish foods graciously. By the end of the meal there was barely any left overs. It was nothing but good times and a lot of laughter--pub like except without the alchohol.:)


Zana said...

Oh I'm so happy to see your life!!! I love the pictures...what a fun, beautiful family. Don't you believe in getting older like the rest of us? You haven't aged!
No critiquing necessary, your blog design is so uniquely cool...very fitting!

My blog is
I don't have 10 kids but somedays it feels like it!

benjaminandwendy said...

Hope we get back to normal soon so we can get together. Paysen needs to see his Abby.

Looks like a wonderful St. Patty's day, wish my family would eat corned beef/cabbage. Miss you guys...and Cinthya...and Mark's parents too!

Kerri said...

looks like it was a fun st. patricks day!! :)

LilyOake said...

Hey...wasn't St, Patrick actually English or Roman, or something other then Irish? HEE HAW

I love the new background - Melissa and her signature red! It looks great!

Ninzel said...

Wish I could have been there :) Ninz

Us Craven's said...

Wow-look how grown up the kids are-how fun to see your family and the Madea's boy we really miss WA-such a great ward-please tell everyone hello! I am so grateful for the Internet, so that I can keep up with my friends-that I miss so much!