Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

I realize that typically children are very excited when it comes to celebrating there birthdays...but it was as though Noah knew it was his birthday at a whopping one years old. He was all grins and laughter. Even while at his 12 month doctor visit he was cheerful...probably would not of been if he knew he would be getting his immunizations. Oh well, he did not remember that today nor will he into the near future.


benjaminandwendy said...

Love the pictures of Noah at the doctor office for his 1 year adorable. He is such a happy little man. Hope you all had a wonderful celebration for his first birthday! Hope to see you all soon...

Jared Dempsey said...

Hello Noah,

How are you doing. I am glad I was able to participate in your birthday party. You are a cool dude! See you tomorrow morning.

P.S. HOpe you have a pleasant night.


Ninzel said...

You are the cutest 1 year old, Noah! Happy birthday!!! Auntie Nine