Sunday, October 25, 2009

First Day of School

So I am running about a month or so behind on everything. I am not going to talk about it anymore...just stick with the facts. :) Lillie and Abby were so excited for there first day this year. This is Lillies second year of preschool and Abby's first. Lillie felt like she needed to teach Abby the ropes, even though Abby was quite comfortable with the changes in her life.

However, it appears Lillie was not ready for baby sister to go first.

Apparently Abby is very intense about how she is going to get A+++'s on all of her work!

Lillie standing proud after her first day.

Stop growing cute children...this is going too fast.


benjaminandwendy said...

Wow, you are right they are growing up fast, hope to see you and your kiddos, before they grow too much more! Sorry I have not called, but I am thinking of you...

Zana said...

Listen here little miss meliss...since your girls are so cute, you need to demand that they stay in preschool forever. I love how big sister feels she needs to show the way but it looks like Abby has no fear :)

katinkadinks said...

Ohhh, so fun! I understand running behind, I am way behind on everything myself. I love the pigtail braids, I remember having my hair like that when I was little :)
Thanks for inviting us over the other night, we had a great time. I am so glad we live close now so that we can spend more time. Your kids are adorable!!!!